New CD out in June - Opera to Jazz Brusina Brass Quintet and a tour in Croatia, Europe and China
Celebration 500 years of „Lady of snow“ Concert Sv Pavle - Secret music and Opera 31.07.2014.
Concert with klapa and special guests 04.08.2014.
Concert at the „Lady of snow“ 05.08.2014.
02.05. Concert Köln
24.05. Carmen Oporto Colusiem, Portugal
07.08. Concert Solin
08.08. Concert Hvar
04.10. Concert Sibenik
July and August opera work shop Il Barbiere di Sevilla and Le Nozze di Figaro
Aug. 15 gala Concert Zadar
Aug. 16 wedding in Kukljica, Zadar, Croatia
Music & Video
This is a small colection of my work for your eyes and ears only.
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